About Us

Luck Route is a unique design company specializing in products that impeccably fit into your demands. Our mission is to provide merchandise that maintains an elegant level of simplicity and style, all without sacrificing any comfort. Customers who choose our products can enjoy high-quality items that are equipped with convenient features that most of their s counterparts don’t possess.

All of us at Luck Route are dedicated to creating the ideal product for you. Our design department works endlessly to keep each item practical yet trendy, and are able to do so with the help of our passionate marketing team, who establishes what customers need through extensive opinion research. Luck Route’s mission isn’t to merely sell you items that are simply adequate; we want to provide a solution and give you the perfect merchandise that will satisfy all your demands.

Currently, our team is focused on producing excellent waterproof backpacks that can be handled on a day-to-day basis or in active situations. They are versatile bags made with stylish designs, suitable for individuals of all different tastes. In addition to the aesthetics, our design team has taken every precaution when creating these bags. Whether you need shoulder straps that allow you to freely move around or pockets with zippers that open and close in an instant, we’ve addressed it.

Luck Route understands what everyone needs in a good backpack, and has developed an inclusive design to satisfy all requests. Customers want and need a well-rounded product that can address multiple aspects of its functionality, and Luck Route delivers the solution.

Our customer service team holds a strong presence at the company, frequently offering information and guidance on the various features and benefits of our products. The team highly values customer satisfaction, and are always open to your questions or concerns. Luck Route offers an interactive online help desk on the website and is also available on Facebook, so please leave us a message or post if you’d like further information.